Healing Heart and Hand pin

Product Description

The life energy is known as CHI or PRANA - we do not have a full understanding of the true healing power of human or animal touch. We do know how much better we feel when a beloved pet chooses to sit with us or when a dear friend places a strengthening hand on our shoulder in silent communication when no words could do the same. Unconsciously we place a hand on an aching part of our body for comfort. This deep and mysterious LIFE SOURCE sustains and heals us.

Measures approximately 1.5" x 2.25"

"Go forth and sparkle."

About the artist:

In 1985, artist Jill Elizabeth unexpectedly discovered the mirrored architectural laminate made of aluminum, polyethylene and electroplated chrome from which the first piece of her jewelry was created. As the technique began to become refined, vintage glass stones were introduced to showcase and honor the glory days of this dying art form. Jill Elizabeth has gone on to develop hundreds of original designs of pins, earrings, tacks, necklaces and bracelets. Her art has been cited by numerous organizations and art councils and she has been commissioned by over 75 non-profit organizations to create original pieces for fundraising. Each and every piece, handmade, one at a time in the Pocono Mountains.

It isn't just the beauty and sentiment of the jewelry Jill creates that has the world collecting her pieces, it's the manner and style in which the jewelry is crafted. In an industry inundated with copied, mass produced styles, Jill's crafts have provided a refreshing, new approach to the age old art of wearing jewelry well. To know good jewelry seems to be synonymous with knowing and loving the art of Jill Elizabeth's Jewelry.


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