Fire Balls

Product Description
These special blown glass tea light candle holders emulate the most primal of elements reflecting the artists' passions and the fire of imagination. 

Place one in a personal space, or you can group them together for an impressive table or fireplace mantel display for your next get together...perhaps frame a window sill with the beauty of fire.  You don't have to use as candle holders.  Each is a sculptural work of art.

Fireballs are individually hand blown and sculpted from heat resistant Borosilicate glass (the same glass used in Pyrex cooking ware and scientific laboratories.) 
Because of the hand crafted nature of the Fire Balls, each one is unique and color may vary. Measures approximately 5" tall x 3" wide. 
For use with standard metallic based tea lite candles. NEVER USE PLASTIC BASED CANDLES, THEY MAY CATCH FIRE!!  Do not leave burning candles unattended. 
Golden Sun

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