Commemorative Benches

Product Description

Dedicate a significant and symbolic gift in honor


or in memory of special family and friends. 


Bronze plaque engraved and mounted on bench seat








Each Cricket Forge bench represents a heart felt symbol:







The Angel signifies goodness, purity, selflessness;




the Butterfly a symbol of hope and renewal;




the Dragonfly a sign of joy, new light and transformation;




the Peacock expresses endless love and eternal life.






Cricket Forge benches are the perfect means to recognize


and honor others through a lasting tribute when placed in


a personal garden, at an arboretum, hospice, hospital,




church, retirement home, or school.






Cricket Forge Benches are artful,


meaningful, beautiful and enduring.




Designed and manufactured in the USA.




This is a special order item.  Expect delivery in 3-4 weeks.  Free shipping in the USA.




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